5 Nail Trends You Will See Everywhere

5 Nail Trends You Will See Everywhere During This Festive Season


Nails are an essential part of the body. In this post, we will show you a few nail wears worth considering this festive season.


Vital points to note before choosing the latest nail trends:


Before we go into the fantastic trends, it’s best to have an overview of the vital points to focus on while picking a nail polish color.


Your skin tone


Your skin color should be the first thing to consider before settling for a nail polish color. Sometimes choosing a nail polish can prove difficult, and borrowing from friends isn’t wise because their nail polish may hardly translate on to your skin tone. Ensure to research the perfect colors for your skin tone.


The occasion


Matching your nail polish with an occasion is vital. Different circumstances require us to dress in different ways. You don’t want to be all glammed and yet be totally out of place. For a job interview, it is wise to wear neutral colors. Nude colors are the best for formal events. For night parties, bronze and gold colors are ideal.


The makeup you have on


Trust me. Your makeup might seem out of place if you don’t match it with your outfit and, even better, your nail polish.  For instance, if you are going for a dark makeup look, match it with a darker nail polish shade. As a matter of fact, matching your lipstick with your nail polish is a brilliant way to look amazing.


Here are a few colors to consider this festive season


We are finally here. The trends below are a compilation of the professionals behind buzzworthy brands like Olive & June, Mazz Hanna Beauty, Jin Soon, and Varnish Lane.




Yellow is known for its ability to lighten up anything that comes across it. According to the editorial manicurist, Jin Soon Choi, yellow will most likely make a significant comeback because it oozes a young and fun spirit kind of mood.




Experts behind top beauty brands foresee a situation where pastel nails come back magnificently. They further note that the shade gives a 90’s vibe.


Soft orange


Orange is kind of bubbly yet safe; it matches a happy season. Dune predicts that we will see lots of soft oranges, replacing the typical corals loved by vanishing lane clients.




Olive & June clients are having a hard time getting over the ombré manicures. According to Tuttle, we are yet to witness the design transitioning from a different shade on different shades on other fingers to the point of having a more subtle two or three shades.




This is influenced by some of the most loved jewelry brands. Subtle metallic swipes are incorporated in manicures. With metallic nail polish, you can rest assured to fit right into the festive season.


In conclusion


The above tips will point you in the right direction. What you need most is an open mind and the willingness to go festive.