Children Pedicure Woodbridge, Vaughan

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Kids these days are burdened with activities and more school work than we had back in our day, and that makes them busier individuals.


Our Products

It is plausible for you as a parent to be concerned about the products that will be used on your daughter at our spa. Some beauty products are known to have side effects and children are fairly more vulnerable to infections, so you may feel that your fears are justifiable. But, don’t worry. The polishes and lotions we use for children’s pedicure in our Woodbridge & Vaughan Nail Salon are not the same products used for adult treatment. Remember, pedicure for children is more of pretend play and the procedures are tailored to appeal to a child’s interests.

Additionally, we do not use blades or any other sharp instruments that could physically hurt your child.

Friendly Staff

It is probably your child’s first-ever spa treatment, and we understand how nervous she could be about the whole experience.

Our cosmetologists are not only highly experienced in what they do, but also trained to handle and care for kids.

Besides getting those nails filed and polished to perfection, we strive to ensure that your child leaves our nail salon with a smile and content about the services they received.

Customized Services

Children can be choosy and hard to impress when it comes to matters beauty. Of course, we have our own spa and pedicure packages, but, as stated above, we want to be sure everything is done to your child’s liking. Our cosmetologists will provide you with a range of procedure combinations to choose from and you will decide on what to get for your child. We offer these and a range of other services:

  • Nail art
  • Toe ring
  • Lotion and sugar scrubs in different scents
  • Soft file down
  • Sweet nail polish
  • Foot massage

Sporadic spa treatments are a great way for moms and daughters to enjoy some quality time together. They also give little girls an idea of how to take care of their hands and feet so they look neat and healthy, while encouraging them not to bite their nails.