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What Is Gel Manicure?

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Gel polish is a type of manicure that serves as a tougher and more durable version of regular nail polish. It can be divided into soft gel and hard gel, where hard gel can form an acrylic-esque coating on your nail once cured. Curing basically involves shining an ultraviolet light on the applied gel to dry it up and harden it. Soft gels, on the other hand, are too soft to be moulded into extensions but are still tougher than regular polish. They are the more popular type of gel nails as they are generally gentler on the nail and have a more natural look.

How Is Gel Nail Polish Applied?

Gel nail polishes require you to apply at least four coats of the soak off gel before applying the finish. First, you do a base coat followed by two or three layers of the colour before applying the final layer. The toughness of the gel polish can be attributed both to the many layers that are applied and the fact that each layer is treated separately with UV light.

How Long Does Gel Polish Manicure Last?

Gel polish can last for more than two weeks if given the right care. Advisably, you need to wear gloves when doing harsh tasks, particularly ones that involve handling fluids.

How Do You Remove Gel Polish?

Removing gel polish is a lot easier than applying it but it is still advisable to go back to the salon to have it removed by a professional. At our nail salon in Woodbridge & Vaughan, we use an acetone-based remover to take off the gel polish without damaging the nails. The solution reaches the base layer of the manicure by passing through the microscopic tunnels that form on the outer layers of the gel during curing. Before getting gel nails, make sure to ask is the salon offers removal services as well, and at what cost.

I’m Trying To Avoid UV, Is It Possible?

Opting against LED lamp curing is a bad idea if you want to get the most out of gel nail polish. What’s more, the UV rays are in small doses and pose virtually no significant threat to your health.

At our salon, we apply sunscreen on our clients’ fingers and toes before carrying out gel polish manicure or pedicure. You can demand this at any Woodbridge nail salon you go to.

Can I Use Conventional Nail Polish As Gel Polish?


One question that most of our clients ask is if one can apply regular nail polish and treat it with UV. Well, nothing can stop you from doing that, but it would be a waste of time if you are looking to achieve the same results as if you used gel polish. Regular polish and gel polish are fabricated from completely different formulas. You can achieve aesthetically remarkable results by, say, sandwiching regular polish between two layers of gel polish, but the durability would be highly compromised while the costs will remain high.