Shellac Pedicure Woodbridge & Vaughan

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Shellac pedicure is a great product to give a try if you are looking for something that will last on your toenails for at least two weeks without restricting you from doing daily household chores.


Best Shellac Pedicure in Woodbridge & Vaughan

Our Shellac pedicure Woodbridge & Vaughan is provided by qualified cosmetologists who have been plying the trade for almost a decade now. We understand that you may have so many unanswered questions regarding Shellac, particularly if this is the first time you have considered receiving the pedicure. This article will acquaint you with some of the upsides of the gel polish and basically what you can expect from it.

14+ Days Lifespan

be exellent

The chief selling point of Shellac pedicure is its unmatched lifespan of at least two weeks. If you are a busy individual who may not have time for weekly visits to the nail salon but still fancies looking great at all times, then Shellac may be the exit door to your conundrum. With such a huge lifespan, your visits to the nail salon will be greatly reduced but not at the expense of your beauty.

Easy To Apply And Remove

Shellac pedicure comes in over 100 different shades to cater for right about any taste. Once you have chosen the best shade for your toenails with or without the help of our cosmetologists, the procedure will begin. Your nails will be shaped and cleaned to ensure Shellac pedicure adheres well to your nail surface and smooth texture is achieved.

UV Light Treatment

Waiting for a pedicure to dry can be boring and a total waste of time. It also increases the chance of you doing something that would mess up the freshly-applied gel polish. Fortunately, with Shellac you don’t have to go through the hassle. Once the gel polish has been applied, a special LED light will be shined on the nails to dry and harden the pedicure. While the low UV doses are considered minimally harmful, we still, deem it necessary to apply sunscreen on your fingers before the UV light treatment, for good measure. The bottom line is that you will be able to wear your shoes or socks almost immediately after the procedure is finished.

Removal Is Easy

Shellac is still offered as an in-salon procedure only. It is also advisable that you have the pedicure removed by a professional. Not that you cannot do it at home, but your nails are safer when the gel polish is removed with an acetone-based remover. The UV treatment during the application of Shellac not only hardens the pedicure on your toenails but also makes it easy to remove the gel polish. Tiny microscopic tunnels form on the gel polish when the LED light is shined on it, creating a passage for the acetone-based remover to reach the surface of your nails and detach the pedicure from it. If you are tempted to peel it off, you may end up damaging the surface of your nails and injuring the surrounding skin.