Using SEO to Make your Nail Salon Stand Out

Using SEO to Make your Nail Salon Stand Out


Nail salons can be found in every city and mall countrywide. Each nail salon may use a different technique, but that may not be enough to make it stand out, especially in the already saturated market. There is still a need to create awareness about the business and attract new clients, and SEO is the best way to do that. Partnering with dNovo Group can be the solution to getting more clients and implementing the correct strategies. We determine what makes your salon business different and use it to achieve the success you need.


SEO for nail salons

Search engine optimization can help your business appear on the first SERP pages, making it one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. If your business ranks at the top, people looking for your products and services can consider buying from you instead of the competitors. Several techniques go into improving SERP rankings.


Web domain and pages

Websites with domain names that reflect the business tend to rank higher. Use the right keywords for the domain and avoid changing them after short periods to make the name more legitimate. The web pages should also have title tags with correct keywords.



Backlinks are links from other businesses to your website and are a good way of networking and creating friendships. Older websites that have become more established linking to yours can make you more authoritative and increase your ranking. Remember, it only works to your advantage when you do not allow spammy or fake links.


Internal and external links

Internal links are those you place within your content, and they lead to other pages on your website. They make website navigation easier. External links are those you link to other websites. They help you connect with your target audience and improve your credibility in the industry.


On-page SEO

The use of internal and external links within the content on a website is sometimes called on-page or technical SEO. Search engines use it to rank websites.


SEO tips for your nail salon

The SEO objective should be to get people to visit the website and stay there for as long as possible to learn everything about your business. Choosing relevant keywords can help achieve that. Use keyword research tools and research strategies alongside the following additional tips:


Local SEO optimization 

A nail salon business should focus on providing services to people within a smaller area. Local SEO helps with that. Start by creating a listing on Google My Business.


Local reviews

Ask your clients to leave reviews on local review sites. They should be honest reviews with links attached to them if possible.


Blogs and videos

Create blogs that give people tips on caring for their nails or show the various techniques you use. Integrate appropriate keywords but do not stuff too many of them. Short videos with relevant keywords on the titles also boost traffic and ratings on search engines.


Website usability 

The site should not take more than 3 seconds to load and should be compatible with mobile phones. Navigating through different pages should be easy.



Consider sharing some of your nail work, posting on social media, and sharing happy-client stories. If you need professional help, we are available. Contact us.