What Your Manicurist Thinks Of You?

What Your Manicurist Thinks Of You Each Time You Visit?


Sometimes the facial expression gives away the thoughts in your manicurist mind when you visit. The customer is always right. Hence, they’ll bite their tongues even when you need some sense concerning your nail hygiene shoved down your throat.


These are your manicurist’s thoughts: unfiltered


Can’t you exfoliate your cuticles in the shower?


For people with dry skin, exfoliating regularly is vital. You don’t have to wait for your manicurist to do this. With your washcloth, you can rub your nails. The most important thing to remember is pushing back and making circular motions to ensure that you rub your nails.


Due to the moist air inside the shower, the cuticles soften; hence it becomes easier to clean and remove the cuticles.


Always wash your hands twice


It does not break a bone to wash your hands. We do the most with our hands; hence if not appropriately cleaned, your manicurist is likely to have a hard time breathing with all the odor coming from your nails. Also, for people who sweat a lot, it is best to wash your hands regularly.


Can you please relax?


The worst thing to do when receiving a manicure is stiffening your hands.  Seriously though. Make it a habit to relax your hands because great manicures are achieved if all nail angles are appropriately covered.


Kindly skip the soak


Warm water feels excellent but is not advisable. Once you soak your hands for too long, the nails bloat hence expanding and softening excessively. After the manicure and your skin and nails are over the warm water effect, the pin will shrink back to its normal size, causing the nail polish’s bond and adhesion to get ruined. This causes the polish to chip and peel easily.


Ointment is ointment


Whether high end or drug store, ointment plays the same vital role. Applying ointment on your cuticles enables you to keep your skin soft, making your manicure last longer. Lisa Jachno recommends A&B ointment as affordable and effective; hence, a small portion gives tremendous results.


Please pick polish shades that look good on you


According to Amy Harold the best way to pick a nail polish color that matches your skin tone is by checking your closet’s clothes. If you wore a green shirt and the color was right on you, you should go for it.


Research on your way here


Some clients take the first 30 minutes to choose a nail polish. That is a waste of time. As much as a manicurist enjoys their job, it makes it more fun when a client knows what they want before wasting anybody’s time.


Find a nail file before your next visit


Before your next manicure, ensure to use a nail file and not metal clippers—the latter damages your fingernails, resulting in peeling, snags, and chips.




The above thoughts are meant to make you aware of what your manicurist expects of you. To add to that, always go to the nail salon with an open mind. Being flexible might land you in the right manicure for your nail type.