Why Micro Manicure Is the Next Big Thing?

Micro Manicure Is the Next Big Thing: Here Is Why


Stay at home and save lives was the toughest yet a much-needed command this year. We had to find things to do, including embracing new hobbies like giving our nails some manicure. The experience is way different from that of a technician but can prove to be therapeutic. We can’t wait to visit our technicians this coming year. If only it were possible to visit them virtually; but since that is not possible, the chance to secure a slot will be minimal, considering the influx that salons will receive.


Why is Micro Manicure likely to go big?

There is a high likelihood for salons to reopen; hence most nail trends will spring from the point of inspiration. If memory serves us right, intricate shapes and artistic designs were a thing during the pre-lock down period. However, we hope to hold onto the simplicity of lockdown manicures as we cross over to 2021.

Fashion and beauty girls are head over heels for the manicure A.K.A micro-France; it is effortless. Harriet observes that despite its appearance, it is the next big nail trend in 2021.

According to Westmoreland, a micro manicure is the latest take on the traditional French manicure. The only difference is in the tips. The micro-French is painted so thin, and the thin painting extends slightly down the nail side. The polish must be painted onto a sheer natural base color.

One thing that makes the style stand out is how universal it is. The reason for its universality is that it is now the most flattering mani style. Also, it still looks fantastic irrespective of the size of your nail bed. Another most incredible fact about this nail is that it elongates the nail when correctly done.

The micro manicure is best done by a professional, but you can be perfect enough to do it yourself from home with practice.

Here are the most crucial steps to follow



This step is crucial. It enables the nail polish to sit neatly and evenly. Here, any excess cuticles are pushed back gently. After this, buff lightly to remove any oils or uneven parts.


The Base

Undertones that go well with your skin are the best. Going for a sheer color coat will work wonders as it hides any imperfections and causes the nail to appear smooth. Once you have your base, you are ready for the next step of painting the tip.


The tip

A thin liner brush is the most ideal for the tip. Once you deep it inside the nail polish, ensure to decant it onto a mixing pallet to avoid carrying too much product with the brush. In case your hands get shakier than usual, it is best to use a lip brush to clear out any spills. All you need to do is to deepen the lip brush inside a remover so that it is easy to get the nail polish out.


In conclusion

Micro manicure is simple yet oozes so much class. As for me, 2021 is a year to look forward to.