Acrylic Nails Woodbridge & Vaughan

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We are not all blessed with strong natural nails that would be in perfect shape anything near half an inch long. Some of us simply don’t have the patience to watch them grow.


Removal of acrylic nails

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Just like fitting, removal of acrylic nails needs to be done by a professional. Our nail salon in Maple offers best in class acrylic nail removal services. Removal process entails soaking of the acrylics in an acetone-based remover for a few minutes before the nails are pulled off. Professional fitting and removal help to reduce the risk of damage to your nail bed.


be exellent

So, here is the catch! Acrylic nails are generally more high-maintenance than ordinary nails with gel or gel polish. Even if you are extra careful with your nails from the day the acrylics are applied, you are likely to have to return to the nail salon in 2-3 week intervals to have the acrylics filled in. We offer acrylic nails Woodbridge and our clients get repair services at cut-prices, so there is no need to fret if your acrylics lift or detach sooner than you expected. Overall, you can wear your acrylic nails for up to eight weeks without the need to change them.

Why acrylic nails are the way to go

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As stated above, not everyone is in a position to grow their nails naturally. If you really need to rock that long-nail look for an upcoming occasion, then acrylic nails are the most feasible solution you have.

Fancy nail art goes well with long nails. Whether you want the look for just a day or for the whole holiday season, acrylic nails have a long lifespan and are not too expensive for a day’s occasion.

Remember, you can hardly tell the difference between natural nails and acrylic ones by simply looking at them. Just be sure to have your nails done by the right person. Our manicurists at Woodbridge & Vaughan nail salons ensure to familiarize our clients with the acrylic nail procedure before performing it on them.

The procedure may vary depending on the number of nails you want treated. If you want a full set, the cosmetologist will likely use nail forms or tips to achieve those perfect shapes.

After the acrylics have dried up, the nails will be polished using regular gel or gel polish, and that is actually when you will achieve the natural look that you came for. For the best results, both halves of the procedure need to be done by someone who is both trained and experienced in creating and applying acrylics. Some manicurists will get the initial procedure right but will struggle with gel application.

Why acrylic manicure?

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Luckily, there is a working solution in acrylic nails. Made from a combination of liquid and powder monomer, the dough-like concoction is applied on your nails and then dried to take on the shape of your natural nails.

Highly qualified people perform most manicure services.
Relaxing environment conducive to total well-being.
You can get different manicure products in contrast.
Make sure the manicure used in the room is sterilized.