Children’s Manicure Woodbridge, Vaughan

be exellent

Your child may not mention it, but she sure would fancy a spa treatment once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a reward for anything – scheduling a day out with your little princess is one great way to strengthen the bond between the two of you and of course create some special memories for her to look back on when she is older.


The Services We Have In Store For Your Little Queen

be exellent

We have many manicure packages for you and your child to choose from. Whether it is a mom-and-me date or a birthday party, we have specific combinations of services to cover just about any theme or event you may be celebrating. Also, we have enough room and attendants to accommodate and take care of all those children that may be present for your daughter’s birthday party. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • 1. Gel Nails Art
  • 2. Fingernail rings
  • 3. Sweet polish
  • 4. Soft file down
  • 5. Hand massage

Often, we have parents calling in advance to inquire about the availability of customized manicure services, and we want to make it clear that we are very flexible with our services. We understand that kids can be extremely choosy. Forcing our rigid packages on them would not be working to their best interests. Our cosmetologists possess varying sets of skills and we believe whichever wild idea you may come up with is covered in our repertoire.


great way to make up

A mom-and-me spa date is definitely a great way to make up for all the time you spend away from your daughter.

It also gives your little girl an idea of how to take care of their hands and feet so they always look neat and healthy.

Additionally, it encourages them to appreciate their nails and refrain from the habit of biting them.