French Manicure Woodbridge & Vaughan

be exellent

Simply put, the French manicure is just a pink base with white with somewhat white nail tips. Hence, pink and white nails are one of the top nicknames for a French manicure.



be exellent

In 1975, the ORLY’s founder and CEO, Jeff Pink, came up with an outstanding style for Hollywood actors. The nail style appeared to be versatile and suited nearly everything the actors wore. Pink realized that the ‘natural nail look’ was excellent and met the set requirements. Most actors and movie directors alike loved the nail style.

The popularity of the French manicure exploded when Pink introduced the nail style to the fashion runways in Paris, France, for fashion shows. Models and fashion designers loved and implemented this style in honour of the great friends Jeff made in France and renamed it the French-style manicure.

Typically, the French manicure is a common nail style with many nicknames. Some of these names include Pink and White Nails, French Nails, and French Tips. Over the years, this type of manicure has received a lot of enthusiasm. Its popularity continues to grow, and it appears that French manicure is far from being outdated. Actually, there is a good chance you will find a few people in your social circle who prefer this type of manicure.

Why Choose French Nails?

The point of French manicure is that it’s meant to look natural, durable, and more realistic compared to other artificial nails. You can do French manicure both in gel and acrylic form.

One of the elements that make French nails a popular choice is that it’s so fantastic and stylish. Indeed it can rhyme with nearly any clothing item and fashion. It can perfectly suit anything you wear or have in your wardrobe.

French Manicure Maintenance

The French manicure application process takes time and requires outstanding skills. You don’t want to spend some time getting French manicure in Woodbridge or Vaughan, only to realize it’s peeling off after a few days. Note that you will need to get your nails filed every 2-3 weeks if you had them done at a nail bar. The specific period between each fill will depend on whether you chose a gel or acrylic nails. Remember, you require a new set once or twice annually. There are different ways of applying French manicure. Depending on the method you opt for, the maintenance approach may vary too. However, it is recommended to use scotch tape to shape the nail tips and paint white polish over it again. Apply the clear topcoat again. After a certain period, you may need to repeat the process. Note that this period depends on how you use your nails. Most experts recommend that the procedure should be repeated at least every two weeks. When done properly, the French manicure is a great nail style that can last longer than other artificial nails.